Les Marines d'Hélios
General and Particular conditions of Sale
Pursuant to the decree n° 94-490 of 15 June 1994 taken pursuant to article 31 of the law n° 92-645 of 13 July 1992 fixing the conditions of exercise of the activities relating to the organization and the sale of voyages or stays.

The indications provided in this site are given by holding account of the state of the regulation at the moment of its publication and the possible modifications being able to intervene since this publication.

Caution! This site was the subject of the greatest attention. Nevertheless, some errors can arise after diffusion. The direction of the "Marines d'Hélios" will make known to you before your inscription the cases of errors noted, like any modification of the description of the station or the service offered. .All prices, dates, and conditions of stay appearing in this site must be confirmed at the time of the final reservation.

Your inscription can be done, by telephone, correspondence, Internet. In all the cases, the inscription with a stay implies the knowledge and the acceptance of the conditions of sale contained in this site at the heading "conditions general of sale".
The reservation is effective after reception by the " Marines d'Hélios" of an installment of 30% of the amount of the hiring, the payment of the balance having to be carried out one month before the departure. In the absence of this payment, we reserve ourselves the right to cancel purely and simply the file, without preliminary recall of our share and to carry out the application of the expenses of cancellation envisaged to the paragraph "Cancellation". For the inscriptions intervening less than one month before the departure, the integral payment of the stay is required.
The occupant is imperatively the holder of the leasing agreement. A document in proof of identitée can be requested from the arrival.
L ' occupation of the hirings is strictly limited to the number of people indicated in the good of reservation. Any going beyond could either be refused, or to be the subject of an additional charge on the place of the stay. At the time of your inscription it to you will be asked to the number exact people to be registered and their age, knowing that a baby or a young child counts for a person. Housing and all its contents, the common installations, under the whole one are responsabilitée of the tenant who will use them with the maximum of care. The tenant commits himself even regulating all the dégats caused by him, the people accompanying it or his guests.
It is necessary to specify with the inscription the practical needs for interested according to its handicap, to check if the installations on the spot are well adapted to the specific handicaps of each customer.

Only the domestic animals of small sizes (-10 kg) and only one animal by villa are accepted, insofar as their presence were specified and accepted at the time of the inscription.
We carried a care as for the description of the residences, nevertheless of light modifications can present itself.
They réslutent indications provided by the tourist bureaus, are given only as an indication and are not a component of the provided services. Before or after the season, we announce that often, the additional activities (galleries, discotheques, cinemas, swimming pools, etc), certain installations or animations of the establishment are missing apart from the season. Their absence or not operation can give place to no refunding.
The arrivals and the departures must imperatively be done at the specified hours. In general, the arrivals take place at the end of the afternoon (after 17h) and the departures in matinée(before 10h), to conform to the indications related to the confirmations of rervation. In the event of difficulties or of late arrival, it is essential to warn the local person in charge for the place for reception and to regulate of it with him the conditions of your arrival.
An inventory will be given to the arrival with the customer. This one is held to check and announce to the reception any failure, and this in the 48 hours. Passed this time no complaint will be taken into account.
The customer is the only person in charge for the whole of his goods (car, luggage, cameras, jewels, money...). It rests with to him to make the provisions with regard to them. The direction of the Navy of Photogravure releases any responsibility in the event of flight, loss, deterioration, accident or any other damage.
The prices mentioned in the various documents are in Euros and revisable. Only the leasing agreement confirming the reservation holds place of contractual document.
.. Our prices include/understand: the hot and cold water consumption, heating, électricitée, the equipment necessary for the number of people envisaged for the tariff. They mean all inclusive of tax, except visitor's tax. The amount of these taxes can be modified without notice, or of new taxes can be applied. These taxes are payable on the spot.
.. Our prices do not include/understand: the payable visitor's tax on the spot, cloths, the bathroom linen, read baby;, television (possibilitée; of hiring on the spot), the guarantee, the fixed price spares.
A deposit will be requested from the customer at the time of his arrival. This deposit is restored to you, the day of the departure subject to inventory or at the latest within 15 day after your departure.Iin the case or you would wish to leave apart from the opening hours the Reception Office the residence, after observation and evaluation of the possibly caused dégats.
If après the signature of the contract and for some cause that it is, the Taker cancels his séjour, it must notify its dédit à direction of the "Marines of Hélios". According to the date of reception of the courier who only is taken, the following amounts will be retained:
.. More than 30 days before the date of arrivée prévue, 40€ with the title of the expenses of file.
.. Between 15 and 30 days before the date of arrival envisaged: 50% of subsistence expenses.
.. Less than 15 days before the date of arrivée prévue: 100% of the total of the expenses of séjour.
In the same way, in the event of nonpresentation with the residence, no refunding will be due by "The Marines d'Hélios", like for any shortened stay.
Us pouvont to be held for person in charge for the cases fortuifs, of cause beyond control, climatic catastrophes or of harmful effects which would come to disturb, stop or prevent the stay.
In the event of problem in the rented apartment, you must formulate a complaint on the spot near the person in charge for the residence in order to take date. Any observation or réclamation concerning a séjour must then arrive à the résidence in recommandé accusé of réception in a three weeks délai après the completion date of séjour. Our service will then treat your request within 2 month following reception of your letter.
The tenants are held to ensure itself an insurance company against the inherent risks in their occupation, namely: flight, pert or degradation of their personal objects , as well as the dégradations which they could make in furniture donné in hiring and également the dégats which they could cause à the whole of the buildings of their fact or by éventuelle négligence.The customers will have to be able to justify whole with first requisition. It is to be specified that the effects, bags, objects, furniture, values, , véhicules of the customers is not guaranteed cvontre the flight, the losses or dégradations that it that is the cause. The parts are appropriate thus that our company could never be inquitée on this subject and that it is up to the tenant to contact any insurances which he will consider useful.